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If like me, you are bored of having the Flat-Pack sweats, having the same beige décor as everyone else, fed-up of your décor not representing your true character, and are conscious about sustainability on this twirling rock we co-habit… then WELCOME!

You’ve come to the right place.

About Me

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my page! It’s great to see you.

I’m Jamie-Lee, and in another life worked in Banking for almost 16 years before picking up a paint brush. Hard to believe, eh?!

I decided to leave the endless hours of daily commuting, traffic jams and call centres behind for a life more colourful. Allowing myself the chance to finally be my own boss and unleash my hidden artist has so far, been extremely fulfilling and I am very lucky to have met some amazing fellow artists and clients through my work.

"Leo and Pongo"

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What We Do

I LOVE when a client contacts me saying they have a certain piece of furniture that needs updating. Perhaps a family heirloom? Or maybe just a solid furniture piece that just doesn’t quite match your home décor now?

Our style is constantly evolving and trends come and go. What looked great 7 years ago maybe now looks dated.

I use various methods of design to make your piece a one-off custom design including decoupage, stencilling, faux-marble effect and of course, painting.

No two pieces that I design are the same!

I source 2nd hand solid wood pieces from various places re-using the beautiful furniture that we already have available to us. If you are looking for a specific piece, I can source it on your behalf also. I can design a showstopping piece that is a real conversation starter when people come to visit your home.

Get in touch today and we can discuss your idea.

Looking forward to creating with you!

Jamie x


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